About Us

Before establishing Just1swap, EJ worked as a science teacher for 15 years and was an eco-club organiser. Having taught how plastic is made, polymerised and disposed of, she wanted to turn this passion into something that would have a positive impact on both her local community and the world. This is why Just1swap was opened. Through questionnaires and anecdotes, EJ discovered that most people thought that transitioning from their current shopping habits would be too expensive and that their choices would be really limited.

This is why we endeavour to offer the most extensive range of products possible. Big changes start with small choices and we want to make it easy for everyone to make sustainable choices that support our environment and local British businesses.

Each piece of plastic that has ever been produced can take between 450 and 1000 years to decompose. These pieces of plastic then become a scourge to wildlife, our environment and our own food chain.

We believe in building a community of like-minded individuals and companies, which is why support as many local entrepreneurs as possible. We boast a huge range of homemade goods, supplied by our incredible local community. We source only ethical wholesalers and use a circular system where possible. We only stock the best quality products at affordable prices.

Whether you’re shopping for you and your family or are looking to help your business make more ethical and sustainable choices with your supply chain, Just1swap can help. Our friendly, professional team will work with you to help your business find a great, cost-effective alternative.

If you’re looking to reduce single-use plastics, food waste and reduce your carbon emissions, Just1swap is the perfect partner for you. By sourcing our products locally when possible, we reduce the number of miles your food travels, we build local connections and strengthen local businesses.

Take a look at our incredible range and see how easy it is to make your shopping more ethical, more eco-friendly and better for British businesses. 

Watch our collections and delivery explainer video