Thursday 27th April 2023. 6pm - 8pm Daisy from Daiba FungiDaisy

Thursday 27th April 6 to 8pm Daisy from Daiba FungiDaisy will be talking about the powerful natural nature of adaptogenic mushrooms. How to use them and the health benefits. In these two hours she will discuss microdosing and the majic of these mushrooms also. This is a safe space for all open questions and she welcomes these types of discussions. You will receive Daisy's own cacao/mushroom ceremonial hot chocolate to enjoy along the way. Limited tickets at £35 per person. Early booking essential. 

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Thursday 4th May 2023. How to go through the peri menopause and menopause naturally

Caroline Gaskin,  is an accomplished Homeopath, Flower Essence Prescriber & Health Coach with over 20 years’ experience. She works from her London based practice and has more recently expanded worldwide with online consultationsShe is a hormonal health expert and draws on many years’ experience of working in PR for complementary health, holistic parenting, organic lifestyle, permaculture and sustainable systems as well as natural health. She is an accomplished writer having seen many articles publish in both journals and books over the years. Hot/cold drinks and Caroline's own amazeballs will be on hand to sample, included in the ticket price. Limited tickets, early booking advisable £35

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